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Physician Assistant Schools in Illinois

Wondering how many PA schools are in the state of Illinois? Currently there are 5 full accredited PA schools in Illinois and 1 university under provisional accreditation.

Midwestern University (Downers Grove)

27 month, with average class size of 86 students

Full admission requirements: Website

Northwestern University PA Program


The estimated total cost of attendance is $147,000 (tuition, fees, living expenses)

Start day is in early June

Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine PA Program


24 month program,  class size of 68 with average age of 24 years old. Tuition is $72,000 + university fees

Rush University PA Program


30 months, 30 students, ranked #40

Southern Illinois University PA Program


26 month program, start May/June

FAQ page

Dominican University PA Program – provisional accreditation 


24 month program, cost is about $88,000, with a minimum of 500 clinical hours


In recap the state of Illinois has 5 fully accredited PA schools and  1 in provisional accreditation.