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Clinical Rotation Notes

Primary care and family medicine clinical rotation notes


Clinical tools and apps
  •  – subscription based service, and the go to reference from many clinicians providing evidence based clinical practice approach.
  • Epocrates
  • Medscape
  • uCentral
  • ASCVD Risk Calculator
  • – good information for patient’s on common conditions
  • – free bullet point app on all breath of conditions, topics
    • suture sizes and removal times
  • – sign up for free, discusses many management of common orthopedic injuries
  • – calculate bilirubin levels for new borns
  • – discounted prescription drugs, free to use, huge discounts
  • QxMD – free apps for latest research and med calcs, EKG reference (99c) guide and pediatric reference ($2.99)

Various websites 

Note Taking
  • Evernote – cloud based workflow and note taking app – awesome way to organize your course notes
    • integrates with google drive
    • hand written notes are searchable electronically – just take a picture and upload to Evernote
    • Free and and paid plans
  • Google drive -another cloud bases office suite
    • free
    • word, excel, powerpoint
    • share with collaborators


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