Gift Guide for Your PA Mama

Rachael JarmanIt’s that time of year again! Time to show your beloved, hardworking, intelligent PA Mama how appreciated she is. The holidays can be stressful trying to figure out what gift to buy all the people in your life, so I’ve decided to help you with a convenient guide for PA Mamas. These gifts show that you understand her logical, scientific brain, as well as her need for fine wine. Some of these gifts are practical and will make life a little easier, and some are completely unnecessary but will be appreciated. PA Mamas, please share this with your friends and family so you get the loot you deserve this year!

1)  A brand new, fancy stethoscope, with cool gadgets. Some of us still use the same fisher price looking stethoscope we had in PA school. Having a nice stethoscope can really make a difference in how cool we look at work, er, I mean, how effectively we can hear murmurs.

2) House cleaning. Either you can clean the house or hire it out. On second thought, just hire a cleaning crew. There is no way anyone can get the entire house looking magazine picture ready without a team of professionals.

3) Fashion Scrubs are all the rage right now. Get her a nice pair that will make her feel like she’s not wearing pajamas to work. If you find a brand that discovered how to combine scrubs with Spanks, you would be a hero.

4) A meal delivery service for dinners would make the life of PA Mamas a lot easier. No, not every day of the week. Just six. One night can be leftovers.

5) Continuing Medical Education. What? Snore! Although it isn’t super glamorous, it will show your PA Mama that you respect her profession and understand the need for constant learning. Choose a subscription to a podcast in her specialty or another type that she can listen to in the car on her way to work.

6) Wine. You will almost never go wrong with wine. Wine clubs, rare bottles, a trip to Napa. All of those would be graciously accepted.

7) An unexpected night out. A night out which includes the drinking of wine. Plan the entire thing and arrange the childcare. Your gal will be thrilled to not have to worry about the details and get gussied up for a special evening.

8) All of the above.

I hope that this list will help you find the perfect gift. Your PA Mama will so appreciate your thoughtfulness. Being a working parent is tough, and oftentimes many of the things we do go unnoticed. Use December as a time to let her know she is loved, and seen. Happy Holidays!

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