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PA Schools Nevada

Physician Assistant Schools in Nevada There are 2 PA schools in Nevada Touro University Nevada PA

PA Schools Maryland

Physician Assistant Schools in Maryland As of 2016 there are two PA schools in Maryland Anne

PA Schools Alaska

Physician Assistant Schools in Alaska Currently there are no PA schools in Alaska as of 2017.

Constipation Management in Primary Care

Constipation Passage of less than 3 stools per week, lump/hard stool, straining, feeling of incomplete evacuation.

Vitamin D in Primary Care

Sources; UpToDate, Audio Digest Vitamin D is a Fat soluble vitamin with its main role =


Source: JAPPA, uptodate Benign prostatic hyperplasia Epidemiology: 50% of men by 50, 90% by 80 Cause:

Hypertension Management

Antihypertensive treatment in primary care Sources: uptodate, JNC7, Lexicomp’s Drug information handbook, medscape article classification: Normal

Lipid (cholesterol) Management

Lipid lowering medications GOAL = reduce risk of cardiovascular event (ASCVD)  STATINS ARE FIRST LINE medication

Tinea corporis

Caused by dermatophyte (fungi genera) – infect epidermis Types: Corporis (body – ringworm), pedis (foot), capitis