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PA Schools Oklahoma

Physician Assistant Schools in Oklahoma Currently there are 4 PA schools in Oklahoma, each in a

PA Schools South Carolina

Physician Assistant Schools in South Carolina There is one fully accredited PA School in South Carolina

FDA Expands Use of PCT Test to Guide ABX Use in Respiratory Infections

FDA Expands Use of PCT Test to Guide ABX Use in Respiratory InfectionsThe Vidas Brahms PCT

Pneumonia: Osmosis Study Video

Pneumonia: Osmosis Study VideoThis video on pneumonia covers the pathophysiology of a lung infection, as well

PA Schools Alaska

Physician Assistant Schools in Alaska Currently there are no PA schools in Alaska as of 2017.

PA Schools Nebraska

Physician Assistant Schools in Nebraska University of Nebraska PA Program 28 month program, increasing to 58 student

PA School Indiana

Physician Assistant Schools in Indiana Currently there are 2 fully accredited PA schools in Indiana, 2 provisional

PA Schools New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has 2 fully accredited physician assistant programs, 1 in provisional status

PA Schools Minnesota

Physician Assistant Schools in Minnesota There are 4 PA schools in Minnesota, 2 of which are

PA schools Michigan

Physician Assistant schools in Michigan Currently there are 5 PA schools in Michigan that are fully